Sunday, April 18, 2010


make me blush
make me laugh like i never did before
make me wanna dance
make me cry tears of joy
make me feel as if my pathetic accents are worth listening to
make me speed less when i drive
make me want to play games with you
make me feel like superman, spiderman..... like a hero
make me feel important
make me better
make me full to a point i look like a pregnant man
make me feel comfortable and satisfied regardless of me looking like a pregnant man
make me think about you everyday
make me dream about you almost everyday
make me wanna go to practice just to see you
make me do cheesy things i've never ever thought of doing
make me so happy
make me realize that we don't need drugs to have fun
make me feel like a kid sometimes
make me wanna watch chick flicks to make me feel as if i'm watching with you
make me wanna stay up all night and talk to you
make me food, and i love it
make me wanna wear your kilt out of curiosity (inside joke ;) )
make me go gaga
make me wanna sing
make me wanna rock on my guitar or yours.... either way
make me realize the importance of family, friends and education
make me want to yell your name on the highest mountain
make me wanna say....

i love you.

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