Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Running From Lions

Today would probably be described as the worst day ever. I don't know why or how these things are happening right now... i'm basically shit scared already and I got shit piling up on top to makes things a lot worse. Anyway, I recently signed up for ThinkFast which is a school event that requires us to participate in a 30 hour famine held at school. But the musical (The Wizard of Oz) is getting in the way with all my other extra curricular activities... I learned today that my director Mr. Harris made contracts for us to sign which requires leads of the musical to go home at 1:00 am DURING ThinkFast. Why? To make us "prepared" for the following day's practice which we sadly have to attend regardless. Bullshit.

Aside from that annoyance, I'm scared about my entrance to SFU. There's a cut-off for sciences and its 78% for the average of 4 provincial examinable courses. As of now, i have 73%. That's IF i end up acing everything starting today. fuck me. Not only that, i almost hit a car after school while parking on the side to pick up my girlfriend; making a scene infront of students waiting for the bus to arrive... today was just an epic fail.

i'm gonna make it a point that the shit won't hit the fan, because i'm gonna flush it down the toilet before it does.

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