Sunday, March 14, 2010

Original Creampuff

Start Time: 12:01 pm
Location: Blanche Macdonald - Lounge
What I'm Listening to: Phoenix - 1901

Daylight savings once again, and i'm itching for the comfort of my bed due to lack of sleep, yet i'm itching for her warm hug instead; rest could always wait. I never understood why we have daylight savings... its not that much of a hassle to change the clock an hour back or ahead, but I just don't like the fact that it can either benefit you or give you a headache in the morning. After all, an hour of sleep means a lot. (I'm sure many would agree :) )

Anyway, so I've been in the lounge inside Blanche Macdonald for approximately 2 hours, and 16 minutes waiting for my mom and Marjorie to finish the first half of their photo-shoot session. Its really nice to know that both my girlfriend and my mom get along really well and not to mention that they share the same liking to make-up which undoubtedly helps break the ice. Its not very often that my mom gets to bond with the girls I bring home. Heck, on second thought, she never has. :)) But i'm glad its Marge. She's too adorable.

*ahem* (well, getting back on track....) In the two hours i've been here, I've been observing the behaviours of the individuals that have occupied this very room. Discreetly though, of course. Why? Well, aside from just doing homework or watching youtube, that could be done at home (but was done anyway), I decided to observe these women like Steve Irwin did with birds of the amazon. Call me weird, but that's just my nature.

There were 3 groups which I have sorted during my observation:

Braggakus Crazikus - the 20-30 year olds that all seemed to have the attitude of your typical high-school LG. Judging by their constant urge to brag about their success and talk about people (whom I obviously don't know) behind their back, I can tell that these are the ones that kinda care about status more than education. Wretched beings. :))

Hardworkus Caffenus - of similar age as the braggakus crazikus, the hardworkus caffeni consist of mostly asian, persian, indian and in rare occasions some of caucasian descent. Reeking of coffee, tea, or anything that has caffeine in it, they are usually quiet and constantly working.

i.e. - There is this Korean woman located on my 2:00 o'clock that has been working on her pencil-sketch self-portrait... NON STOP. With just her pencils, her sketch books and of her Venti-what seems to be a Caramel Macchiato (judging from the CM written on the side), she's become some sort of statue at the side of my vision. Like a person frozen in time or something. Impressive. (I realize this seems stalkeresque or just completely weird, but hey... im very observant. :)) )

Dontgiveacrapus Justdoinmyownthangakus - These ones seem to dress in contrast to the typical downtown fashion. They are mostly seen in the artsy fashion of cargo pants, black hoodies, and skater shoes. I have come across two of this species. Oddly enough, they talked about drinking, getting high and sleeping with people that they occasionally meet in clubs or what not. Kinda gross. They're less reserved than the Hardworkus Caffenus and a lot more "amplified" than the Craziki. They just don't give a fuck. Simple but hey, that's their preference.

There's another thing that suprisingly struck me: everybody seems to have the word "fuck" in every conversation! Is it just me, or is the word 'fuck' really just becoming part of everyday vocabulary? I don't wanna sound like a Jesus Boy, but I guess I'm just not used to this environment. Maybe I'm not completely unFOBed but I sure as heck don't wanna turn into a typical Canadian.... if this is indeed the typical.

Oh and since 7:45 am, I have only had a $0.75 Chocolate Chip CLIFF Bar and a $1.25 Aquafina Water. What's sad is all these don't even add up to the price of a breakfast sandwich at Carney. Bahaha. `Goes to show that my school's really screwing us over with their overpriced food and beverages... ridiculous.

Oh and yeah, im starving. :))

...hopefully they come back soon. I'm starting to feel nauseous.

P.S. someone friggin' turned on the air-conditioning in this building. For God's sakes people, its Vancouver and its still March! I'm freezing my ass off!!! -.-"

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