Sunday, March 7, 2010

Introduction: Beatitude

…oh man, where do i begin?

As I recall it has been almost 4 years since my last blog. I still wonder why my previous blogs have disappeared like rats reacting to an unexpected presence of a flashlight in a sewer, but either way I'm not too affected by it. Just trying to blog about everything that has happened in the past 3 years of my stay here in Canada would seem like such tedious work. However, to make up for it, I've decided to create a brand spankin' new blog - to regain my writing creativity, and maybe to enhance my "virtual life" if you will. Not to mention i've completely lost my patience to get out and start taking photos like i used to.

There are still things that somewhat bother me about myself. Lately i've been checking off of a list of things to do in my mind, which mostly consisted of academic goals and what not. The goals are: getting at least a B in Physics, Chemistry, English and Math. Well here's an update for you: having marks (ranging from below 50 to just under 70%) in these particular subjects is the reason for me not being in the honour roll this year….. fishsticks. However, everything has been checked off my list, except for one - Math. I have concluded recently that Math is the epitome of my stress. It has been, ever since grade 10. If could, i would fornicate math gently with a chainsaw just to get back at it for all the stress it has put me through… but that's just harsh. hahah! I'm still trying though, really I am. But the feeling that drags me down again and again is that feeling that a 50% in a quiz would STILL slowly fail me. Its ridiculous. I swear by the time i graduate, I'm going to burn a math book to express my joy. And yes, if you are wondering I have
never burned a book in my life. I'm not THAT bamf :) but enough of the rants for now…

Aside from the headaches, there has been one occurrence in my life that seems to have erased the word "sadness" and all things glum from my dictionary. The night of the 22nd of December; feeling as though I came across a diamond in a crazy sandstorm of drunken teenagers looking for a petty hook-up or sign of infatuation. The girl of my dreams? My soulmate? My female twin? whatever you want to call her, it was her and she was there! After almost giving up on love and all the lovey-dovey fantasies that I used to believe in, I regained it on that day. It didn't start with "hey how's it going?" or with me accidentally bumping into her… it started with a "heyyyy, you're the Tin Man!!" hahaha. The funniest night of my life. Attracted to her? Indeed. Love at first sight? Not at that moment, but it
did kick in after 13 hours. And the rest went on from there. Who is this girl you ask? Her name's Marjorie Roque. A girl that is entirely DTE. - (ha, got you there ;)) (down to Earth), funny, smart, fashionable, creative, loving, hard working, loves games, loves the same food i love, she's filipina. holy f! and she's drop dead gorgeous. All in all she's everything I wanted and as I see it, she's changed my life. :) So yes, that's all I have to say for now. 3 paragraphs in one night? Feels good. Yeah, feels good to be back.

I finally found a reason to wake up in the morning.

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